A perfect 10

Her name was Tanya. Her age – about 25. When I saw her for the first time one word was popping right into my mind: Perfect! Her body did not show one ounce too much. Her outfit would have been good enough for any business-meeting in the city and on her plait was not one hair out of place. She said: ‘I have done well at school, I have studied law because my parents said there is always a usage for lawyers. I have finished with the highest degrees. Now I have absolutely no idea what to do with my life.’

That was her first sentence.

The first sentence of a new client tells you a lot about the person. I remember the live – consultations of one of our most famous teachers on the psychiatry. Afterwards he would always ask us: ‘Who remembers the first sentence?’ The first sentence is what the client has already prepared before the session begins. It is an introduction, one could even call it a definition. So what did Tanya want to tell me with the first part of her first sentence? ‘I am reliable.’ That was her message for me. The second part was even more important. She admitted a leak in her perfection. That was extraordinarily brave.

My actual job was more of an easy one: First we were going back to her roots to find out what she wanted to be as a child and as a young girl. Such a review shows you a person’s utmost interests before everybody else tells them what to become. In Tanya’s case it was about protecting nature. It turned out that she had an exceptional knowledge about human mistakes related to our disrespect for the planet. Combined with her juristic knowledge it turned out to be a wonderful and rare combination.

What next? Finding connections between her ideas, her education and her skills. Searching the job market for matches. Working on her applications and her job-interview. I have worked for the job-market before, I have done that many times. As it was to be expected, she jumped right at the opportunity and, after a couple of fights with herself, she needed none but gentle guidance.

Soon she developed a clear picture about her future employment and the perfect instinct to pick the right opportunities. There was a job on the market she really wanted to have. It was tailor made, so to speak: A solicitor, looking for an assistant. The man was working exactly in the field of expertise she wanted to join. We went through all the possible questions he could come up with and we agreed on her calling me the moment she knew more. It was our fifth consultation.

One week passed – no call. I didn’t even give it a thought. Such things can take time.

Two weeks and no call. I was beginning to wonder. Did she still have no answer?

Three weeks and no reaction. That was too long.

In my job I made it a fixed rule not to call on my clients. This time was different. Tanya was a highly reliable person. No answer could have only meant that something must have happened. She answered the phone at the first ring. Before I could even say my name, she said: ‘I am so sorry! I totally forgot about you. You see, I got the job. I am already working and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.’


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