Mental Hygiene in Business – A Must
Some jobs are more challenging than others. Due to our lifestyle, stress-packed jobs are becoming more and more common. The trick is to:

  • Become aware, that my job is demanding a huge amount of energy
  • Channel the stress before it becomes a problem

There are many ways to look after your mental and physical health. MHB is one of them. It is – in short – talking away the … before it poisons your private and personal life.

Challenging Clients – No Problem
A company is the perfect example for a thriving system:

  • A healthy business is constantly growing in seize and quality
  • Each member has a clearly defined place within the system
  • Contact with the outside world (the client, etc.) is fluent and unproblematic

Ever day business shows us that clients can be quite a challenge and the healthy balance in a company can suddenly topple. The Systemic Consultant is able to identify the core problem in a very shout time-frame. A tailor-made solution is only the next logical step.

Tandem – The clever Way
Over the years I have build a very successful collabouration with a group of hand picked business partners. We share our clients. While my partner works on the professional side (business development, financial service, legal issues), I take care of personal issues (stress with partner or family, health problems, private crises, etc.) and of course mediation and supervision.
A success-story, but the game has rules:

  • I work on the personalised problems, my partner works on the business – no overlapping.
  • Information is only exchanged with the permission of our client.
  • Should the client encounter problems with either of us, we will all sit together and solve them.
  • The client has the right to end the relationship with one or both of us any time.