Accredited Counsellors

According to The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Life and Social Counseling is becoming increasingly important in the design of life. In addition to medical, psychotherapeutic and clinical-psychological / health psychological care, life and social counseling has been the fourth pillar of health policy in Austria since 1990. As a regulated business subject to authorization, the professional group of life and social counselors belongs to the specialist group for personal counseling and care in the Chamber of Commerce.

Life and social counseling (LSB) focuses on preventive health care and supports people, couples, families and groups in improving their quality of life in accordance with the holistic definition of the WHO (World Health Organization): Health includes “physical, mental, mental and social well-being”

By LSB we mean professional, conscious and planned advice, support and support for people in decision and problem situations. LSB is especially a help and an offer for people

  •  who suffer from everyday stress or crisis situations,
  •  who are looking for new directions and ways for their lives,
  •  who want to develop personally.

This professional advice tries to awaken human potentials and to promote their growth through targeted conversations, supporting and activating methods and techniques. Building on interpersonal, personal contact (relationship), life and social counselors in their work pursue the following goals for and with their clients:

  • Find insight into the stressful situation,
  • make important and difficult decisions,
  • Find reorientation in life,
  • Regaining the ability to act,
  • Discover and use resources
  • Coping with disturbances,
  • Promote personal responsibility and relationship skills.

Life counselors carry out their work in individual and group counseling, seminars, training courses and workshops, as independent traders or as employees in the psychosocial field.

The Systemic – as we call this form of counselling – is always aware of the whole environment of their clients. Observation of the client (verbalisation, Neuro Linguistic Programs; Non Verbal: mimic, gesture, voice-control, breath, muscle tension, …) is the first step into a complex world. We are trained to ask precisely the right questions to gain answers that are entirely made of the knowledge and experience of our client. Deduction helps our client to see the bigger picture and to choose the most effective path.