Working on the PLOT – System
What is a plot but a world of its own? What is a writer but the creator of this world? Every detail, every bit of knowledge has been filtered through the author’s perspective. It does not matter whether it is called fiction or non-fiction. The result will always be an offspring of the writer’s mind. Knowing that and having written several short-stories, dramas, newspaper articles and a non-fiction book myself, I enjoy supporting writers in all stages of their authorial development.
The job of an author, as well as a director, can be a lonely one. Having someone to reflect on their work, who
professionally shows no interest in influencing the result, can be quite an advantage. My job is to listen, to summarise  and to suggest possibilities. It is not to tell the writer what he has to do or to write. 

Characterisation vs. Character – Analysis
Over the last 20 years in my job as a systmic counsellor I have had, literally hundreds of characters on my couch. Analysing a character is what I do. Naturally in my world there is no room for stereotypes. When I work with writers on their characters we start of course with a thorough characterisation and continue with a character-analysis (CA).
The CA is based on the fact, that the whole character already exists in the authors mind and can, as such, be carried from the director to the actor. My job is to find out, why this particular character has been chosen for this particular role. Together we explore the very core of the character and its situation. Until it becomes as real as the writers best friend.
Later it is even more fund to work on the same character later with the actor and, by doing so, to enjoy the different interpretations.

The Artist’s Personal Progress
I love to work with true artists. They are strong-willed and highly sensitised personalities. They are incapable of accepting the world as it is. They are ambitious and they come already self-reflected to a certain point. The true artist has to work constantly on him/herself in order to enhance and perfection their art.
Working with artists, as challenging as it can be, is always rewarding – for both of us.