Personal Coaching
Personal growth means to find your individual way to a self determined life. The Systemic Counsellor is here to help you gaining a clear picture of your present situation. After that, the client is able to make the next valuable step.

Partner Coaching
A healthy partnership can be the most important system in your life. It gives you the strength to deal with everyday problems and the potential to achieve exceptional goals – TOGETHER. Unfortunately in our world happiness in a partnership is not always easy to come by. My clients are:
# Unhappy but determined to stay together and to solve their problems.
# Happy in their relationship and they want to keep it that way.
# Alone again and on the search for the right partner.
# Facing a divorce. They want to end their relationship with dignity and in peace.

Family and Parenting
Raising children can be quite a challenge. Sometimes it helps talking to someone with experience, who is trained to listen. I am a trained kindergarten-teacher. I worked many years with children and parents alike.