Personal Coaching

Personal growth means finding your own way to a self-determined life. The Systemic Counsellor is here to help you gaining a clear picture of your present situation. After that, the client is able to make the next valuable step.


Partner Coaching

A healthy partnership can be the most important system in your life. It gives you the strength to deal with everyday problems and the potential to achieve exceptional goals – TOGETHER. Unfortunately in our world happiness in a partnership is not always easy to come by. My clients are:

  • Unhappy but determined to stay together and to solve their problems.
  • Happy in their relationship and they want to keep it that way.
  • Alone again and on the search for the right partner.
  • Facing a divorce. They want to end their relationship with dignity and in peace.


Family and Parenting

Raising children can be quite a challenge. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone with professional experience, who is trained to listen. I am a kindergarten-teacher and have worked for many years with children and parents alike. In fact, Systemic Counselling originates in working with families. Just the right place to get your problems sorted out…