Systemic Counselling

In the year 1877 a young medical student attended a lecture in Edinburgh. It was there, where he first met the most influential figure of his life. His name was Dr. Joseph Bell and his way of diagnostic was completely out of the normal. His rules were simple.

  • No Prejudice: Believe only what you are able to manifest with hard evidence.
  • Observation: The most important tool to gain a relevant diagnosis.
  • Input: Ask simple questions and listen carefully
  • System Analysis: To fully understand the situation you have to take the environment in account.
  • Deduction: Always follow a logical path and never break the chain.
  • Verification: Proof your conclusions until you are satisfied.

Joseph Bell was a Systemic Therapist – and the first forensic scientist.
The young student became his assistant. Years later he started to write a series of criminal stories. The main character was based on the knowledge and ideas, even on the behavior of his former teacher. The author called his character:

Sherlock Holmes

The Systemic – as we call this form of counselling – is always aware of the whole inviroment. Observation of the client (verbalisation, neurolinguistic programs, mimic, gesture, voice-controll, breath, muscle tention, …) is the first step into a complex world. We are trained to ask precicely the right questions to gain answeres that are to 100% the knowledge and experience of our client. Deductions helps our client to see the bigger picture and to choose the most effective path.