Do Counsellors come with a professional education?

Psychological Counselling is a service that is only carried out by highly trained and specialised professionals. It is our pride and joy to accompany our clients on a journey that is leading them to the next successful step in their lives. Our service can provide you with an enormous advantage when it comes to your personal growth, your financial status and your position in work and society.


How do I find the right Counsellor for me?

Finding the right counsellor is a simple three-step process:

  1. Look up several professional counsellors, contact them and arrange a first consultation.
  2. In this first session talk about whatever comes into your mind. There is no pressure on you; it is up to the counsellor to prove to you the value of the session.
  3. Continue until you find a counsellor that is both easy and challenging to talk to. The session should give you a feeling of new gained strength and the confidence to move forward. Ideally you will experience an Aha! moment. Only then you should  talk about payment and further sessions.


How well protected are my data?

All health- and care workers in the UK are bound by the HSCIC* Guide to Confidentiality 2013. As a professional counsellor I never store any information of a client in a way that can be traced back to a particular person. Every possible information is secured by my personal code system. Even my invoice will show a neutral title like ‘business coaching’ or ‘personal management’.

Needless to say that there is no record of any kind, when it comes to my online sessions.

(*HSCIC: Health and Social Care Information Center)



You have any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me.