About Counselling

Strictly spoken, counselling is about listening in a professional way. It is very hard to describe the job. I can honestly say that in all those years I never had the same situation twice. So what is counselling?

Let me tell you what it is NOT:

NOT talking to a friend: A friend can be a very good listener but they will always be part of your personal system (that is the definition of ‚friend‘). You are emotionally attached to this person and therefore value their opinion. Sigmund Freud said: ‚I am but a mirror‘. That is exactly what a counsellor is. I do not exist in the world of my client. I am only here to make things visible.

NOT telling you what to do with your life: I will never, ever tell my client what to do with their lives. My job is to make sure that you find out what you want. We normally do what we owe to our parents, what our boss expects from us or how we want our partner to see us. Fair enough but that does not teach us anything about ourselves.

NOT for people who are ’nuts‘: Did you know that every culture has a different definition of correct, healthy or conform? Going to a counsellor is actually a clever thing to do for people who are more sane than everybody else. Those people understand their weaknesses and want to work on them. Most people have learned to ignore their own weaknesses and they are therefore doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Art1Talking about ART You are an artist or you are one to become? In that case you have to understand self – reflection better than anybody else. Find out here what I can do for you.

Talking about BUSINESS You are to start your own business and you want to make sure Business2that this is actually what you can pour your heart into over the next 40 years? You are running a business and as the CEO the stress is never ending and you need someone who is not involved to let go of the negatives and build on the positives? You have an issue with a client, …. the possibilities of how I can be of service to you are practically endless.

Private4Talking about PRIVATE issues YYou want to strengthen your partnership? You can see that you need a divorce but you need clearance and strength to go through with it?  You have issues with your teenage children?  …. you take your pick.